Come on over! – Why Neighbors are Important

Do you know your neighbors? I mean,┬áreally know your neighbors? Or maybe you just give the head nod and brief, "Good morning" as you rush off to your morning commute. Getting to know your neighbors is great for avoiding issues, and building an environment where all of you can grow and thrive. Especially important if you have a family. Here are some ideas to help break the ice and get to know your neighbors! Host an open house: Make some food, maybe have a couple of drinks on hand, and invite the neighborhood to come over! Making the first step can go a long way towards building good will. Block Parties: Contact a couple of other neighbors to see if they might be interested. Good music, and everyone working together creates a great environment to get to know one another and Leave a treat: Pinterest has some great ideas if you're having a hard time thinking of something. With the holidays coming up this is a perfect ice breaker! If you're still not sold on … [Read more...]